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A New Job for ‘Bombshell’ McGee? Not So Fast

Bobby Goldstein, who brought ”Cheaters“ to the air, is working on a series about celebrity philanderers

The man behind "Cheaters" is looking to branch out, developing a new series focused on celebrity philanderers — and hosted by A-list mistresses Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jamie Jungers.

That’s according to TMZ.com, which Monday reported that "Cheaters" guru Bobby Goldstein is working on a possible TV series aimed at exposing well-known folks who cheat.

It sounds like the same concept as Goldstein’s long-running syndicated series, but with celebs instead of everyday foks.

Of course, just because Goldstein wants to do this show doesn’t mean viewers will actually ever see it.

TMZ notes that neither McGee (Jesse James’ side project) nor Jungers (part of Team Tiger) has signed any contracts. What’s more, no network or syndicator has agreed to actually put the show on the air.

But hey, Goldstein did get TMZ to write about him. And we were able to use "Bombshell" McGee in our lead sentence.