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‘Man of Steel’ Promos: Action, Lois Lane, and the National Guard (Video)

The National Guard partnered with Warner Bros. for Superman crossover ads, while a UK TV spot includes new shot of the Man of Steel and Lois Lane touring the sky

They may not be able to fly Lois Lane through the sky faster than a speeding bullet, but the National Guard partnered with Warner Bros.' "Man of Steel" to remind audiences that there are plenty of super men and women protecting the country.

New National Guard commercials directed by Zack Snyder will screen before audiences watching the highly-anticipated Superman reboot this summer. 

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The first spot, which already hit the web, slices together footage of both Superman and soldiers saving the day amidst disaster. Speaking of disaster, a new "Man of Steel" TV spot airing in the United Kingdom has plenty of it, including a shot of the hero saving his favorite red head (Amy Adams) from some "epic" danger.

"Man of Steel" UK TV spot: The first few trailers for the summer tentpole were short on action and long on heartstring-tugging music, but a new TV spot from across the pond promises plenty of excitement — and destruction.

"Soldier of Steel" theater spot: Clark Kent is secretly Superman, but the National Guard partnered with Warner Bros. to remind audiences that plenty of "seemingly ordinary" Americans are also super men serving as citizen soldiers in the nation's reserve military force. 

"Soldier of Steel" behind the scenes: "Man of Steel" director Zack Snyder explains his vision for forging "a relationship between the Guard and the concept of being Superman." Moral of the story? We can all be super men.