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New ‘Masterchef Junior’ Blooper Reel Gives A Silly Preview Of Season Four (Exclusive Video)

The clip captures a snippet of the many goofy things these talented chefs-in-training have to say

One wouldn’t expect Gordon Ramsay, one of the toughest chefs in the business, to make fart jokes on national television, but in this exclusive blooper reel from FOX’s “Masterchef Junior,” he asked a room full of culinary prodigies, “Have any of you guys ever cut the cheese?”

He, of course, was referring to the vast cheese plate presented to each contestant, but regardless, the chefs, ages eight to 12, bursted into laughter as an astronaut suit-clad Ramsay barely maintained his poker face. This silly moment was just one of many in the video, which highlighted playful banter between the kids and judges Ramsay, Graham Elliot and newcomer Christina Tosi.

The shining star of the blooper reel was a little girl in pigtails named Avery, who bounced around dancing a Cotton-Eyed Joe and made crazy faces at the camera. Meanwhile, other contestants, like a boy named Adam, had a more serious approach to cooking. In one clip in particular, the judges did their absolute best to get him to laugh, with very little success.

“I saw Graham in a pair of Speedos yesterday,” Ramsay said. “Swimming trunks, I honestly peed my pants.”

The rather one-ended exchanged didn’t even warrant a smirk.

In seasons past, “Masterchef Junior” has displayed a friendlier side of the fearsome “Hell’s Kitchen” chef, offering instructive and at times downright sweet moments teaching future culinary masters how to fine-tune their craft. But make no mistake, these sometimes goofy kids already come into the Masterchef Kitchen shockingly talented. Past winners have boasted the cooking chops to successfully whip up a salt-crusted Branzino, a dish that even the most seasoned of chefs could mess up.

“Masterchef Junior” Season Four premieres on FOX November 6 at 8EST.