New Oscar Promo Plays Up Live Nature of the Event (video)

ABC’s marketing message: You can’t afford to watch this via DVR

ABC’s new marketing campaign for Oscar 2010 is playing up the live aspect of the awards — perhaps sending the message to viewers that you can’t afford to DVR this event.

With live events such as the Super Bowl and Golden Globes generating double digit ratings gains this year, a new spot debuting Thursday on ABC emphasizes the must-see status of the show by using the theme "Live is…."

"Live is… inspiration," an announcer intones as a scene from "The Blind Side" plays at the start of the spot.

The rest of the ad features different definitions of "live" — heartbreak, courage, adventure, conviction, the unexpected — set to clips from nominated films such as "Precious," "Up in the Air," "The Hurt Locker," "Up" and, of course, "Avatar."

The kicker: "Live is… the Oscars."

ABC will broadcast the Oscars Sunday, March 7 — live, of course.

Check out an exclusive first look at the promo below: