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Patriots Defensive End Chris Long Tackles Critics Over White House Visit Rejection

”Liberals thought I was a living, breathing piece of steak before I agreed with them,“ the Super Bowl LI champion tells one detractor who said he just wanted to be a ”cool lib“

New England Patriots defensive end Chris Long is one of six Super Bowl LI champs who aren’t planning to make the traditional visit to the White House to meet President Trump — and he’s not mincing his words as to why.

The four-time Pro Baller tackled the topic head-on Thursday night, blitzing critics who have been attacking him on social media since he made his decision public shortly after the Patriots’ historic comeback win in Houston on Feb. 5.

“Heard it all this week … if you don’t want to hear about some of the dumb s— I’ve heard … mute away, but it’s good. Rapid fire time, yeah?” he tweeted to one troll on Thursday.

“‘You just wanna be a cool lib,'” one user deducted, to which the heavily-tattooed defensive player responded: “As a football player, liberals thought I was a living, breathing piece of steak before I agreed with them.”

“‘Respect the office’ Ok birther theory guy,” he told another.

“‘Stick to football’ you don’t look like a state senator yourself there bud,” he continued.

When a tweeter got personal, Long fought back even harder: “”You hate the troops’ The secondary focus of my foundation (out of two causes) is veteran support. Do your research. Also, not relatable.”

Long is referring to the Water Boys program, where he’s teaming up with other professional athletes and veterans to bring clean, safe and sustainable water to Eastern Africa by conquering Mount Kilimanjaro.

“‘I hope they cut you’ I’m a free agent,” he responded to one user who needs to check his football facts. After his performance in the 2016 season, we’re pretty sure Long will be returning to New England later this year.

Like a perfectly orchestrated Bill Belichick playbook, Long took down each of his detractors as if they were Atlanta Falcons receivers with burn after burn.

After being drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2008 with the second overall pick in 2008, Long was released in February 2016 and picked up by New England on a one-year, $2 million deal. He went on to help Tom Brady’s team to a 14-2 regular season and take home the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time.

While non-football fans might not be familiar with the 31 year-old from Santa Monica, California, Long has been involved in the NFL all his life. His father is Hall of Famer Howie Long, who spent 13 years with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, won one Super Bowl and is now a studio analyst at Fox Sports — where he got to commentate on his son winning his first Super Bowl ring two weeks ago.

Devin McCourty and Martellus Bennett are among the other Patriots players declining Donald Trump’s invite.

See Long’s tweets and his critics below.

And finally, this is what Long really wants you to be talking to him about.