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Robert Pattinson’s World Is Shattered by Guy Pearce in First ‘Rover’ Clip (Video)

”I tell you what God’s going to do. He’s put a bullet in you and he’s brought you here to me.“

Guy Pearce dishes out some cold truth to Robert Pattinson in this bleak clip from David Michod‘s “The Rover,” which was released Thursday.

Pattinson plays Reynolds, an American boy with a harsh Southern twang who roams the post-apocalyptic Australian Outback in a gang with his brother. After the gang leaves Pattinson for dead, he comes into the reluctant care of Eric (Guy Pearce), a loner who has his last prized possession taken by the gang. They form a tense alliance to track the gang down.

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In the clip, Reynolds is still holding on to a glimmer of hope that his brother will come back for him.

“I believe in God and Henry believes in God,” Reynolds says. “And there’s no harm Henry would see me come to.”

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Eric then gives him a reality check of a lifetime, telling the hapless Reynolds that both God and Henry have abandoned him.

“I tell you what God’s going to do,” Eric growls. “He’s put a bullet in you and he’s brought you here to me.”

And judging by the “Rover’s” footage so far, the role is a hefty — and welcome —  departure from Pattinson star-making role as Edward Cullen in “Twilight Saga.”

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The movie is directed by Michod, who has been internationally lauded for his previous film, “Animal Kingdom.”

Watch the video above.

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