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New San Diego MLS Team Could Be Named ‘Footy McFooty Face’

Because ”San Diego United“ is way too boring…

It’s always a gamble when you give the general public the freedom to choose the name of anything.

Hot on the heels of the R.R.S. Boaty McBoatface — a $287 million polar research ship from the U.K. that was named through an online poll — San Diego’s new Major League Soccer team may end up being named Footy McFooty Face.

The ingenious and infantile name is the frontrunner after a San Diego group, which is currently in the process of bidding for an MLS expansion spot, asked potential fans to brainstorm a team moniker, Deadspin reported.

Other popular submissions include more mainstream names such as San Diego Surf, San Diego Bad Homres, San Diego Football Club (yawn), San Diego ACF and San Diego Sol.

The poll took place on the future soccer club’s Facebook page, which posted: “We’ll submit those 10 to Major League Soccer for review, and pretty soon we will have a team name! Note – Soccer Club or Football Club can be added to names, and similarly, a nickname or mascot can be added to traditional names. You, the fans, will help us decide on that later!”

Currently Footy McFooty Face has 2,871 votes, with the closest second — San Diego Bad Hombres — lagging far behind with 434 votes.

Thankfully, the highly-unoriginal San Diego United only has three votes so far.

The investor group for the new soon-to-be named team is backed by former U.S. national team star Landon Donovan.

He must be so proud …