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New York Anchor Oops: ‘Keep Effing That Chicken’

Local Fox anchor seems to drop an F-bomb in a bizarre rant about poultry. Watch the video.

In Los Angeles, local news anchors/reporters get in trouble for dating the mayor. In New York, the trouble usually starts because of something they say.


Take WNYW 10 p.m. anchor Ernie Anastos. On Wednesday’s broadcast, the veteran reporter appears to have a complete mental meltdown during a conversation with the weatherman.


First, he blathers on about it taking a "tough man to make a tender forecast." Whatever that means.


But then, after the weather dude tries to make a joking response, Anastos apparently advises him — if audio from this YouTube clip is to be believed — to "keep f—ing that chicken."


Um, what?


Co-anchor Dari Alexander’s response is priceless. She doesn’t say anything, but her eyes bug out like a cartoon character, apparently in disbelief over what Anastos said.


Now, given the chicken reference, perhaps Anastos actually said, or meant to say, "Keep PLUCKING that chicken." Or perhaps, "Keep CLUCKING that chicken."


The video on YouTube, however, seems to indicate Anastos just momentarily thought he was doing the news for HBO. And, of course, some smart aleck has already updated Anastos’ Wikipedia entry to suggest that this "chicken" quote is what the anchor is best known for.


Watch the clip below — hat tip to Gawker, by the way — and judge for yourself: