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New York Magazine Feature Inspires Bravo Show

”Approval Matrix“ will feature panelists judging weekly pop culture events

A New York Magazine feature, "Approval Matrix," is inspiring a new Bravo show, the network announced on Monday.

The weekly back of the book section ranks various pop culture happenings along the following quadrants: Highbrow Brilliant, Highbrow Despicable, Lowbrow Brilliant and Lowbrow Despicable

The studio-based show will feature four rotating pop culture pundits who will judge the week’s buzz-worthy news along the magazine’s grid. Bravo also said that the program will feature celebrity guest opinions and audience interaction. The whole things sounds slightly like VH1’s clip heavy and recently canceled "Best Week Ever."

Ish Entertainment ("Paris Hilton’s My New BFF”) is developing this original series for Bravo with Michael Hirschorn, Ethan Goldman, and Wendy Roth serving as executive producers.