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New York Times CEO Teases Print Paper’s Demise After ‘At Least a Decade’ (Video)

“We want to try and deliver a great print product for the foreseeable future,” Mark Thompson says

New York Times CEO Mark Thompson told CNN that the print version of the paper would exist for “at least a decade.”

Thompson sat down with CNN media guru Brian Stelter to discuss the future of the Times, and the “Reliable Sources” host admitted in his newsletter he was “sorta surprised” by Thompson’s comments.

“We want to try and deliver a great print product for the foreseeable future. I think there’s a least a decade, maybe more, of profitable activity making the New York Times and delivering it and delighting readers,” Thompson said.

It’s probably alarming to fans of the “newspaper of record” to hear that it could have an expiration date of 2026, but Stelter’s response was that some people don’t think there is any chance print newspapers will exist a decade from now.

“I want to be clear that the Times has got natural strengths and advantages that very few other newspapers in the world have. … We have tens of millions of people around the world already that also love the New York Times,” Thompson said.

“One of our big tasks, in terms of doubling our digital revenue, is to get really serious about reaching and engaging readers all over the world.”