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New York Times Endorses Both Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren for 2020 Democratic Primary

Unusual dual endorsement reflects divide in party

In a radical break from convention reflecting the divided state of the Democratic Party, the New York Times on Monday endorsed both Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 primary.

“Both the radical and the realist models warrant serious consideration. If there were ever a time to be open to new ideas, it is now. If there were ever a time to seek stability, now is it,” the Times editorial board wrote. “That’s why we’re endorsing the most effective advocates for each approach. They are Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar.”

The Times praised Warren, the former Harvard law professor turned senator from Massachusetts as “a standard-bearer for the Democratic left” who “speaks elegantly of how the economic system is rigged against all but the wealthiest Americans.”

After discounting other centrists in the Democratic field, including former vice president Joe Biden and former South Bend, Indiana, mayor Pete Buttigieg, the Times offered praise for Klobuchar, calling the Minnesota Democrat “a standard-bearer for the Democratic center” whose “vision goes beyond the incremental” and who is “the very definition of Midwestern charisma, grit and sticktoitiveness.”

The Times issued its endorsement just two weeks ahead of the Iowa caucuses, the first polling in the Democratic primary process.

The paper acknowledged that critics might be “dissatisfied that this page is not throwing its weight behind a single candidate, favoring centrists or progressives” and concluded its editorial by saying, “May the best woman win.”