New York Times Introduces Gender Neutral Bathrooms

“You are welcome to use any bathroom that matches your gender identity or expression,” Times executive vice president Ellen Schultz says in a memo

New York Times
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The New York Times has introduced gender neutral bathrooms to their Manhattan, New York, headquarters, the paper’s executive vice president of Talent and Inclusion Ellen Shultz said in a memo to staff on Tuesday. Shultz said the decision came after the issue was raised “by a number of employees” at the company.

“Effective  immediately, the restrooms on the 14th floor near the ATM and vending machines are gender-neutral, accessible, single-person units. A lock on the main door has been added for privacy during use,” Shultz wrote. “Additionally, we will create single-person bathrooms on the 2nd and 8th floors.”

“Please remember that you are welcome to use any bathroom that matches your gender identity or expression,” the memo concluded. In addition to the gender neutral bathrooms, Shultz also announced that “menstrual hygiene products” would be added to a number of “wellness rooms” located throughout the building.

The news was first revealed publicly by Molly Fassler, a senior analyst for the global New York Times, who said she set up a Twitter account specifically to share the info.

“Worth my first tweet ever. Today I’m an especially happy employee. There are officially gender neutral bathrooms at @nytimes! Huge thanks to all that made this happen!” Fassler said. 

A rep for the Times did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the matter, but many of Fassler’s colleagues expressed their support and appreciation for the new restrooms.

“Thank you for pushing for it!” the Times assistant managing editor Carolyn Ryan said.

“This rules,” added Times sports journalist Benjamin Hoffman. “After nearly 15 years with this company I still find reasons to be proud every single day.”