New York Times Site Goes Down (Updated)

No explanation for the technical problems is given, but the paper’s homepage now appears to be up and running again

(Updated, 10:10 p.m. PST)

It now appears that the New York Times site is up and running again

However, for nearly 40 minutes on Tuesday night, the Gray Lady's online home hit the mat. 

The web page of the New York Times briefly appeared to be down, with a message reading "page not found." The message also reassured readers that the paper didn't want "…to lose you," and told them to check the archives or report the broken link to the Times' web monkeys. 

There's no explanation about what befell the paper of record, but a tweet from the Times' Twitter arm read: "NYT developers are fixing problems affecting our home page. Thanks for your patience and enjoy individual articles recently tweeted."

The Times' most digitally literate staffers such as media reporter Brian Stelter and deputy news editor Amy O'Leary quickly busied themselves tweeting ways for readers to access the paper's content in the wake of the technical difficulties.

"Hey everybody, @nytimes skimmer's working great. Now's your chance to give it a try:," O'Leary tweeted.

Here's a screen shot: