NY Times to Unveil Online Paywall in the Afternoon

Paper announces 2 p.m. (ET) start time for March 28 launch

The New York Times had already set March 28 as the date for the launch of its feverishly-discussed online paywall.

Now the paper has set a launch time — 2 p.m. ET — meaning those non-subscribers who read the New York Times online with their morning coffee can do so without worrying about cutting into that pesky 20 articles-per-month quota.

In other Times paywall news, the paper has apparently relaxed its legal muscle against the "FreeNYTimes" Twitter feed, which launched last week to provide followers — "mostly high-school kids and people who are out of work," as Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. characterized them — with quota-free links to New York Times articles.

Earlier this week, the Times Company asked Twitter to tell the operator to "disable this feed as it is in violation of our trademark."

But Martin Nisenholtz, the head of paper's digital operations, confirmed to Forbes Friday that since the Times' stylized “T” logo has been removed from the offending feed, it won't be pressing the issue.

Thus, those accessing Times articles through the feed can do so "even if they have reached their reading limit."

Free Times, it is!