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With ‘The Newsroom,’ Olivia Munn Puts Her Journalism Degree to Use (Video)

The cast of HBO's drama walks the red carpet at premiere

Olivia Munn is uniquely qualified to play a reporter on HBO's "The Newsroom": She studied to be one in college.

"I went from 'The Daily Show' pretending to be a fake reporter then went to 'The Newsroom' pretending to be a real reporter and majored in journalism so like everything was kind of gearing me up to do something like this which is nice because my mother is very happy that I am using my journalism degree in some way."

Munn, along with her castmates, talked to TheWrap at the red carpet premiere of "The Newsroom," which returns for its second season Sunday. In the video below, she and her castmates also talk about what to expect this season. Jeff Daniels describes a story that brings lots of headaches to ACN, and Munn talks about why Aaron Sorkin's dialogue is like singing.

Watch the video: