Newsy’s Ahmed Al-Kalby on Why OTT Data Can Be a Double-Edged Sword

”The numbers can also overstate successes — as well as problems,“ he says

Now more than ever, content companies are using data to help navigate their programming decisions. Everything from how users are watching video (TV vs. laptop vs. cellphone) to what platforms they use is taken into consideration. While data is undoubtedly a powerful weapon, it can be a double-edged sword that shouldn’t be swung carelessly, says Newsy director of OTT Ahmed Al-Kalby.

Al-Kalby, who joined the Newsy team as its first director of OTT programming in March, has spent the last five years working on OTT products for USA Today and the ad-supported streaming TV service Xumo. Drawing from his experience in VOD curation, live programming and implementation of in-app promotions, he said that businesses can easily get lost in chasing the numbers “and lose sight of what their audience comes to their app for.”

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