Newtown School Shootings: Michael Moore, Others Demand Gun Control (Updated)

The horrifying killing of at least 27 people in a Connecticut elementary school has many in Hollywood taking to Twitter to demand gun control, better mental health services

The Connecticut school shooting that killed 27 — including up to 20 children — horrified Hollywood along with the rest of the nation, prompting one of the most pro-gun control segments of the country to again demand better restrictions and more mental health services.

The shooting at a Newtown grade school came just months afer July's deadly "Dark Knight Rises" shooting in a theater in Aurora, Colo. Filmmakers and actors used their celebrity to plead for change on Twitter.

"Too soon to speak out about a gun-crazy nation? No, too late," tweeted "Bowling for Columbine" director Michael Moore. "At least THIRTY-ONE school shootings since Columbine."

"The way to honor these dead children is to demand strict gun control, free mental health
care, and an end to violence as public policy," he added.

Current TV host John Fugelsang condemned what he said were lax gun laws.

"America likes guns the way the rest of the world likes soccer," he tweeted, adding: "Guns don't kill people. People in states without gun-purchase background checks & waiting periods kill people."

"Across the Universe" star Evan Rachel Wood tweeted: "What is it going to take? #guncontrol"

Added pop singer Michelle Branch: "Gun control people!!! My heart is breaking. As a parent this is my worst nightmare."

"Parks & Recreation" star Rashida Jones agreed.

"Gun control is our only road to freedom," she said. "Freedom from the fear of senselessly losing children. I'm so saddened. WE NEED LAWS NOW."

CNN host Piers Morgan said the tragedy led to what is "now President Obama's biggest test – will he have the courage to stand up to the American gun lobby?"

Actress Mia Farrow tweeted that "gun control is no longer debatable — it's not a 'conversation' — It's a moral mandate."

Comedian Patton Oswalt agreed there was no room for discussion: "Yeah, I'll wade right the fuck into this: MORE gun control, MORE mental health services. It's no longer a debate. Never was. #newtown"

Actor Adam Shankman recalled the massacre in Aurora. "This year: CO movie theater, OR mall, and now CT school," he tweeted. "How many innocents must die before we enforce more gun control! Prayer for #newton"

Most recently, "30 Rock" star Alec Baldwin chimed in on the Twitter conversation and wrote, "One storm after another…. #GunControlNow."

Added Funny or Die co-founder Adam McKay: "NRA and Washington share portion of responsibility for today's hideous shooting. We need reasonable gun control RIGHT NOW."

Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein said new restrictions are questionable, but debate is certainly warranted: "Gun control may not be the right answer to mass shootings. But not talking about what to do is definitely the wrong answer."