NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Forgoes Salary During Coronavirus, League Furloughs Staff

Other executives to take pay cuts

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will take no salary while the league weathers the economic impact from the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, the league will furlough some of its staff and has instituted pay cuts for executives making more than $100,000 a year. The reduction will be 5% for manager level, 7% for directors, 10% for vice presidents, 12% for senior vice presidents, and 15% for executive vice presidents.

The staff that will be furloughed are those “who are unable to substantially perform their duties from home and/or whose current workload has been significantly reduced.”

“The economic consequences for our country have been substantial, and we have taken a series of steps in response to their impact on the NFL,” Goodell said in a memo. “Within our own offices, we have limited new hiring, frozen salaries for many employees, and undertaken a thorough, organization-wide review to identify and implement cost reductions. During this time, one goal has been to maintain pay and benefits for our workforce for as long as possible.”

Goodell added in his memo that the NFL, which is in the middle of its offseason, is still planning for a full 2020 season this fall.

The memo comes the week after the NFL successfully held a virtual version of its annual draft, which shattered TV ratings benchmarks as sports fans stuck at home finally had something to watch.