NFL Sets Its Sights on Games in Germany, China

New overseas contests could start as soon as 2017

Talk about an away game.

In an effort to continue expanding its reach beyond the United States, the NFL is eyeing Germany and even China to host regular season games over the next few years.

Germany, the more reasonable travel destination (especially for East Coast teams) may happen in the 2017 season — so, not this fall, but the next. The ambitious China idea would take place during the 2018 season.

The NFL has regularly hosted multiple contests in London in each of the last few years, and, this fall, pro pigskin is also heading to Mexico City. Each of those might feel like a genuine home game when compared to a game requiring travel to Asia.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are contracted play a game in England in each of the next five seasons and can extend that agreement to 2025. In addition to the NFL’s regular Wembley Stadium site — which will host two games in 2016 — a third game this season will take place at new venue Twickenham Stadium, a rugby site.

Brazil is another potential international destination that has been batted around by NFL owners and executives. Perhaps they will evaluate the location during this summer’s Olympics in Rio de Janeiro to see if it’s suitable.