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NFL Sound Guy Gets Completely Creamed by Minnesota Vikings Player (Video)

Look both ways before crossing an entrance tunnel, fella

Head on a swivel, NFL sound guy.

Here’s some free life advice: Never step onto a football field if you don’t want to get hit. That’s something Bernie Beaudry probably wishes he was reminded of last weekend.

That’s because on Sunday, the dude got completely creamed just trying to do his job. Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackle Linval Joseph plowed over Beaudry while emerging from the locker room tunnel during pregame introductions.

Joseph stands 6’4” and weighs 329 pounds. Beaudry, who, ah, does not, ended up with some broken glasses and a bloody nose.

He’d still work the game, however, proving toughness isn’t limited to the men in shoulder pads. Plus, Beaudry got some love from Fox NFL Sunday broadcaster Joe Buck, so, there’s that.

Watch the video above.