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NFL’s Ochocinco Makes a Date With VH1

He’ll star in ”The Tournament,“ a reality dating series that’s ”The Bachelor“ meets March Madness

Call it the Flavor of Ochocinco: The NFL player formerly known as Chad Johnson has signed on to star in his own VH1 dating show.

Respectfully dubbed "The Tournament," the show will have Bengals star Johnson — now known as Chad Ochocinco — looking for "love" via a NCAA-style bracket-based tournament. Producers 51 Minds and JUMA Entertainment are vowing the show will be "a mix of Ochocinco’s on-field charisma blended with the drama of the dating pool."

The show bows in July.

Maybe they can get Jennifer Hudson to sing "One Shining Moment" during the finale. Or perhaps Flava Flav.

From the release:

“The Tournament” will start with Ochocinco finding his "first 85" by traveling all over the country meeting women that may be interested in dating him. Then, during the first episode, he will narrow the playing field down to the sweet 16 – four women from each of the four regions of the country – Northern, Western, Southern and Central Divisions. The 16 chosen women will be invited to join Ochocinco for the rest of the tournament-style dating competition.

Once the competition begins, Ochocinco will follow a tournament bracket where each of the ladies will have an opportunity to spend quality time with him while also facing off against one another in double dates. The winner of each dating face-off will receive a game ball from Ochocinco and move on to the next round of the tournament, while the loser goes home. Ultimately the sweet 16 will be narrowed down to eight and then the final four. In the end, the championship date between the two remaining women will result in Ochocinco awarding his chosen love the coveted Championship Ring.

“The Tournament” is executive produced by Bob Horowitz and Lewis Fenton (for JUMA Entertainment) and Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego (for 51 Minds Entertainment, LLC. an Endemol Company). Ben Samek and Matt Odgers also executive produce for the series and the company. Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes, and Kristen Kelly oversee the series for VH1.