Nick Cannon Blasts Planned Parenthood for ‘Eugenics,’ ‘Real Genocide’

“Forget gentrification, it’s real genocide,” “America’s Got Talent” host says

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon is definitely pro-choice — at least when it comes to choosing to rip into Planned Parenthood.

“America’s Got Talent” host Cannon tore into the organization with a number of comments in the past few days, claiming that Planned Parenthood is responsible for “eugenics” and “population control.”

Cannon fired his first salvo at Planned Parenthood last week, while speaking with Power 105’s “Breakfast Club” radio show.

Discussing the recent presidential election, Cannon took aim at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary was sneaking,” Cannon said. “Think about all that stuff they did with Planned Parenthood and all of that type of stuff. That type of stuff is to take our community and … forget gentrification, it’s real genocide … This system is not built for us. This is not our land.”

Cannon repeated the sentiment later when approached by a video crew from Splash News Online. The television personality, who’s expecting a child with ex Brittany Bell, told the outlet that Planned Parenthood represents “modern-day eugenics,” adding, “It’s population control.”

Cannon also posted a tweet that lumped Planned Parenthood in with an array of entities ranging from fast-food giant McDonalds to the public education system.

“Same issue I have with Planned Parenthood I have with corps like McDonald’s, Hennessy, Privatized Prisons, public education etc.,” Cannon wrote, adding the hashtag, “#Eugenics.”

No doubt Cannon’s comments will give birth to a robust debate.

Watch Cannon make his case below.