Nick Godejohn’s 6 Most Chilling Statements About Dee Dee Blanchard’s Murder: ‘I Would’ve Done It Again’

“Once that anger clicks, I see red,” Godejohn says in Oyxgen special about killing his girlfriend’s mother four years ago

Nick Godejohn Gypsy Rose Blanchard

It’s been four years since Nick Godejohn brutally murdered Dee Dee Blanchard, the mother of his girlfriend Gypsy Rose Blanchard — who had been convinced by her mother that she suffered from a variety of different medical conditions, also known as Munchausen by Proxy.

In Oxygen’s “Killer Couples,” Godejohn gives his first interview since his sentencing this past February of a life in prison. In the special, Godejohn chronicles his relationship with Gypsy Rose, whom he met on a Christian chat room, and the subsequent murder of her mother so that the two could be together.

In June 2015, Dee Dee Blanchard was stabbed to death in her bed, and she was found several days later after a Facebook post had read, “That B— is dead!” from the joint account of the mother and daughter duo. There was no sign of Gypsy Rose, so the case was initially handled as an abduction case. However, authorities tracked the IP address of the Facebook post to Wisconsin, where Godejohn and Gypsy Rose Blanchard had traveled, and for the first time, many saw that Gypsy Rose could walk and didn’t suffer from any of the claimed disorders.

“No child should ever have to get raised that way,” Godejohn says in the Oxygen special. “My heart goes out to her for that.”

Gypsy Rose had confided in Godejohn that her mother was controlling her through physical and psychological abuse. When it became clear that Dee Dee would never let the two be together, Gypsy Rose and Godejohn conspired to kill her. Gypsy Rose pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and is serving a life sentence, while Godejohn was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

The case was chronicled in the HBO documentary, “Mommy Dead and Dearest,” and was also the subject of Hulu’s “The Act” and Lifetime’s “Love You to Death.”

See below for the 6 most shocking statements made by Godejohn in “Killer Couples.”

1) On the Murder

“I would’ve done it again. I might have done it differently but I would’ve done it again. I couldn’t see [Gypsy Rose] suffer anymore. ”

2) On His Relationship With Gypsy

“Those were probably the best days of my life. I enjoyed every second of it. From the very beginning, I knew we were soulmates. Those five days I was physically with her were the most intense and magical and awe-inspiring days I’ve ever had.”

3) On His Alternate Personality

Godejohn explained that he discovered he had an alternate personality when he was 18. In a 2017 “Dr. Phil” interview, Blanchard said Godejohn “had multiple personalities that were violent and scary. He thought he was a 500-year-old vampire named Victor. I thought I was in love with him, the good side of him.”

In the Oxygen special, Godejohn referenced his “evil side,” and explained that he felt the angel and the devil sitting on his shoulders when he walked into the Blanchard’s house to kill Dee Dee… and that the devil suppressed the angel in that particular moment.

“The very second I put my foot down, I had one of those moments that you might only have once in your lifetime,” he explained. “It was an angel and the devil. First, the angel spoke — it actually said, ‘take her and run,’ and then you had the other part of me, that darn devil. What he ended up telling me was, ‘this b—- is dead.’ I got so darn enraged that something inside of me clicked. Unfortunately, that part of me wanted to come out for a very long time and the very first opportunity it got, it didn’t waste any time. That dark shadow part of me that really is triggered by anger; once that anger clicks, I see red.”

4) On Having No Control

When Dee Dee Blanchard woke up to Godejohn stabbing her, Godejohn explained, “she ended up asking me, who are you? [I said] I’m your effing nightmare.”

5) On What They Did After the Murder

According to Godejohn, he and Gypsy Rose had sex in Gypsy’s bedroom after the crime. Godejohn had asked Gypsy to clean up the blood from a wound on his finger while naked — a sexual fantasy of his — that resulted in the two having sex just minutes after her mother was brutally murdered.

6) He Remains Optimistic for His Appeal

Although he has no possibility for parole, Godejohn said: “There is something better waiting for me — there is a better verdict waiting for me.”

“I wasn’t surprised [about the verdict],” he added. “There was shock at first, but then I got over the shock.”

“Killer Couples: Gypsy Rose & Nick: A Love to Kill For” airs Saturday at 7 p.m. ET/PT.