Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres Is ‘Good Tenant’ Nick Jonas’ Landlord (Video)

Pop star tells daytime host he insists on guests using coasters — smart

Ellen DeGeneres had pop singer Nick Jonas on her daytime show to both plug his music and check up on her tenant. Yes, Ellen is Nick’s actual landlord — thank goodness there are no holes in her sheetrock, or this appearance on Thursday’s show could have been awkward.

“You’re a good tenant, you pay rent on time,” Ellen praised Jonas before asking: “I left a lot of stuff there and are you taking care of it?”

“I think so,” Jonas replied. “I have everyone that comes in my house uses a coaster so there’s no rings on the tables, which is good.”

Apparently, the rugs and sofas are OK still too — but just in case, DeGeneres took what she called a “healthy deposit” from the pop star. That’s just smart landlordin’.

Watch the video above.