Nick Kroll and Conan O’Brien Take Over a High School Sex Ed Class – and Bring Lots of Fruit (Video)

And it’s about as educational as you’d expect

Nick Kroll may understand young people’s struggles with puberty and raging hormones based on the relatability of his Netflix animated series, “Big Mouth” — but we’re not confident he is the right person to be teaching a high school sex education class.

And Conan O’Brien is probably one of the last people you’d want helping him.

In a segment from Thursday’s “Conan,” Kroll and O’Brien went to a classroom full of teens to talk to them about the facts of life. And they bring lots of fruit as props to show the kids how to put on condoms — and that a penis apparently starts to look like a pineapple once you turn 40.

Then the guys have a serious chat about their first memories of masturbation.

“Oh, I was probably like 14? It was a Victoria’s Secret catalog, to be frank,” Kroll says. As far as O’Brien remembers it (jokingly), he was watching Richard Nixon.

Kroll says he wasn’t super clear on female anatomy when he was young: “I remember when I was a kid, I just assumed the vagina was on the front like penises were.”

Unfortunately — or maybe fortunately? — at the end of the video, all of the kids say they didn’t learn anything from that little lesson.

Watch the video above.