Nick Nolte Tells Us Why He’s Not Voting for Clinton or Trump in the 2016 Election

The 75 year old actor tells us why he’s sat out the last 14 presidentials

Nick Nolte Cannes 2006
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Nick Nolte won’t be voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump come November.

The actor — who plays an ex-president seized by guilt for his political acts in the new Epix series “Graves”  — hasn’t voted in the last 14 presidential elections, because he can’t.

He’s a felon, he explained to TheWrap at a Television Critics Association event on Saturday. “I can’t vote because in the ’60s I was charged with seven counts of selling counterfeit government documents, which consisted of draft cards, blank draft cards,” he said.

“I sold them mostly to universities, to fraternities so they could get into bars. That made me a felon, but they put me under the Youth Correction Act, which was supposed to wipe it from my record and put me on probation for the duration of the Vietnam War.”

Nolte was 18 at the time, he said, and although his record was supposed to be wiped clean, he says it was not. Since Nolte is now 75, that means he’s missed 14 elections since becoming eligible to vote. (The sentence was suspended.)

Nolte, a three-time Oscar nominee, said he hasn’t tried to vote in all this time but “right now, who would I vote for? Hillary. She’s got the most experience, she’s the most educated. It’s a helluva responsibility.”

Nolte has met Trump before — the two had an argument over their respective hairstyles one time in Central Park, and each argued that his own hair was more attractive.

“He’s a businessman, I wouldn’t want to be in business with him,” said Nolte. “He’s not a politician. He hasn’t been in that arena, and he’s trying to make the jump. I don’t know but I would think you should have some background in that to be president, and he has none.”

But Nolte doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the Democratic nominee either. The issue that matters to him, he said, is the lack of support for children.

“The problem with America is not cops being shot, or terrorism or racism. The problem is marriages. We have 60 percent being raised by single parents,” he said. “Fine, don’t get married, but when you have a child, that child has a right to two parents, father and mother, to be happy. But we haven’t drawn up the rights of children yet. We need a bill of rights, one for children too.”

For the record, Nolte said he has been married six times (we could only find four marriages in and Wikipedia, but the man ought to know) and has two children.

Nolte’s new show, “Graves,” will debut this fall.