Nick Offerman Tells Jimmy Fallon Tears Were Shed on ‘Parks and Rec’ Finale (Video)

“I was vomiting and crying,” the comedian says about his last day playing Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson’s swan song came with some tears and other bodily excretions for actor Nick Offerman. On Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” he told Jimmy Fallon about the sad moment shared between the cast of “Parks and Recreation” as their sitcom wrapped.

“Everyone was crying,” Offerman said, “except for I was vomiting and crying and filling my pants with oatmeal, the saddest oatmeal.”

Offerman wasn’t aware he was saying his last line when he delivered it, however, admitting: “You would think I would have noticed, but on the last day, we finished with a few scenes with everybody in them, and we were on the last couple scenes and Aziz and I said, ‘Oh my God, we don’t have any more lines.’”

Co-star Aziz Ansari suggested that rather than go out silently, they would inject some new dialogue, even if it meant just saying bye to Amy Poehler as she left the room.

The NBC comedy will air its last episode in 2015.

Watch Nick Offerman on “The Tonight Show” here.