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Nick Offerman Presents Handcrafted Wood Emojis, for That Personal Touch (Video)

Each emoticon is about a foot in diameter and can be nailed together with others to create a massive message

Everyone who watches “Parks and Recreation” knows that Nick Offerman is a man’s man. And among his many manly hobbies is woodworking. He loves making things with his own hands, and it’s a trait the actor shares with the character. So it makes sense that he would prefer handcrafted emojis.

In a skit for TBS’s “Conan,” Offerman created an infomercial for handcrafted wood emojis. Each emoticon is one foot in diameter and weighs about 15 pounds, making them both cumbersome and incredibly awkward to work with.

Nevertheless, he promises that they’re a great way to send a personal message to that special someone. Simply gather the necessary emojis in a giant sack and lug it to your loved on. Then combine the emojis you want to use together with nails and cover them with a wood varnish or shellac.

“Not only have you gotten your message across, but you’ve built something with your own bare hands,” Offerman said. “And that feels good.”

“Parks and Recreation” returns for its final 13-episode season on NBC in 2015. “Conan” airs weeknights at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.