Nickelback Channels Tom Selleck, Robocop in Response to Detroit Football Fans’ Petition (Video)

The Canadian rockers impersonate Detroit celebrities to try to woo fans to support their Thanksgiving day NFL performance

More than 50,000 Detroit football fans have signed an online petition to get Nickelback bounced as the halftime performer for the nationally televised, Thanksgiving day NFL game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers.

The Canadian rockers, despite selling nearly 50 million albums and winning American Music Awards, Billboard Awards, Juno Awards and six Grammy nominations, are too bland, the Lions fans claim, and not worthy of representing the fine tradition of Detroit-generated musicians, as the Motor City and its footballers celebrate Turkey Day during a Fox telecast.

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But lead singer Chad Kroeger and his bandmates have fired back with a video in which they — and their (fake) record company exec, played by comedian and actor Paul Scheer — try to brainstorm ways to win the Detroit crowd over.

Their solution: dress up like other famous Detroit celebs, namely Tom Selleck, Alice Cooper, Robocop and Dave Coulier, to curry favor with the anti-Nickelback petitioners.

Check out the video below, and peep one of the better DIY Robocop costumes we've seen: