Nicki Minaj Shows Yet More Skin in ‘Anaconda’ Behind-the-Scenes Clip (Video)

Footage features 2 minutes, 47 seconds of bouncing, backsides, boobs and Minaj speaking a seemingly foreign language

Nicki Minaj is apparently determined not to focus on what’s behind her. At least for now.

The hip-hop star just released a clip chronicling the shoot for her latest music video. And for behind-the-scenes footage, there’s a lot of skin.

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While Minaj famously bared her backside last month in a promo picture for the single, this time her posterior is in short supply. But there are still plenty of other treats to behold in the clip, which weighs in at 2 minutes, 47 seconds. Such as the backsides of the backup dancers in the video. Minaj’s cleavage also makes a prominent appearance.

In addition to a string of profanity, there’s the sight of Minaj speaking a seemingly foreign language while declaring that she’s drunk.

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The NSFW video clip is below. But a word of caution, make sure your boss isn’t watching when you press play.