‘American Idol’ Promo Features Brutally Honest Nicki Minaj (Video)

"American Idol" is selling the wild, wacky and sassy Nicki Minaj to viewers for season 12.

"American Idol" lost most of its bite when Simon Cowell jumped ship for "X Factor," but the newest promo for season 12 reveals that producers are hoping Nicki Minaj will fill that void — and maybe even bring a little bit more to the table.

While the popular rapper seems genuinely impressed by some auditioning contestants, she's not afraid to be brutally — and therefore comically — honest with others.  When one young man asks if she likes his singing, she responds by uttering, "No.  No, no."

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Judging by the YouTube comments below the video, some wouldn't hesitate to extend her the same criticism. Regardless, she's wild, wacky and probably a bit more hip than Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Cowell combined. 

Much like the personality she presents in music videos like "Pound the Alarm" — prominently pumping in the promo's background — she's not afraid to be obnoxiously over the top and encourages auditions with sassy comments like "snap, snap, work, work" and "that's the spirit, get it poppin'!"

And her Barbies (what an older generation would refer to as "fans") are loving it!  The top comment, with 58 thumbs up, exclaims, "OMGGGG THIS IS AMAZING."

Since NBC's "The Voice" is returning to compete in the spring, Fox better hope the ratings are too.  Considering Minaj's feisty feud with Mariah Carey has already given the reality competition more publicity than it could ever ask for, they probably will be.

Watch the promo for the Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 premiere below.