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Nicolas Cage Tells Tye Sheridan Snakes Kill in New ‘Joe’ Clip (Video)

Sheridan should know this fact all too well after starring in ”Mud“ opposite Matthew McConaughey

“Joe” looks to be one of Nicolas Cage‘s best movies in years, but it’s also starting to look like the unofficial sequel to “Mud.”

Much like the critically-acclaimed 2013 drama — starring Matthew McConaughey as a fugitive with a checkered past who bonds with a poor, young southern boy — Tye Sheridan stars in “Joe” as a poor, young southern boy who bonds with an older man (Cage), who also happens to have a checkered past.

Joe isn’t a fugitive, though. He’s an ex-con.

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A new clip (above) from the David Gordon Green film reveals another slithering similarity: Snakes.

The reptile played a major role in Jeff Nichol’s redemption tale, and they appear to have a major presence in this one, too.

“You see those fangs?” Cage asks Sheridan. “You get bit by those, you gonna die. You gonna want to die.”

Sounds familiar.

“Joe” has received generally positive reviews, so far, and hits theaters on April 11.