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Nicole Kidman Reveals a 2nd Time Jimmy Fallon Blew Chance to Date Her (Video)

What was ”Tonight Show“ host thinking all those years ago?

Jimmy Fallon must kick himself every damn day. If he doesn’t, we will.

We all know by now that the “Tonight Show” host ruined a chance years ago to date Nicole Kidman, when the Aussie bombshell had an inexplicable crush on the “Saturday Night Live” star. On Thursday, we learned he blew a second opportunity — that one was at David Fincher’s house during a buffet dinner.

Kidman reluctantly returned to the top late-night talk show to promote her new movie “Lion,” but the interview immediately got awkward and personal again. At first, it was all in good fun, with some planned music and lighting moving the segment along. That’s when Kidman surprised a flustered Fallon with the man she actually ended up with, husband Keith Urban.

Fallon’s reaction was genuine, and it was all genuinely funny.

Watch the video above.