‘She’s the Boss’ Star Nicole Walters Tells Entrepreneurs: ‘What Authenticity Looks Like Is Imperfection’ (Video)

BE Conference 2021: There are other things you need to do to run your own company, including creating an LLC and business bank account, the Inherit CEO advises

One’s “personal brand” seems to be the major focus for entrepreneurs starting their own business. And while it’s important, says personal development adviser and “She’s the Boss” star Nicole Walters, you can’t forget about the other aspects, too.

Speaking Thursday at TheWrap’s BE Conference, Walters recommends creating an LLC and business bank account to further legitimize your business. Those tasks might not be fun or glamorous, but they’re important.

As for the “b” word — “branding” — Walters noted that perfectly curated profiles or images start to feel the same, even boring. “The reality is that it’s not real at all,” Walters explained. And sometimes it feels like we can’t stand out in all the noise, because the noise is curated.”

“Functional hot mess is the new trend,” she advised. “What authenticity looks like is imperfection. So if you’ve been saying to yourself that you don’t know if you can get out there because frankly your brand doesn’t match up with everyone else’s brand, or you’re too busy to refine and get perfect and make sure that when you get out there you look like everyone else … recognize the very things that make you weird or awkward or not-perfect are the things that are going to differentiate you.”

Her message is simple: Be authentically you. Messes and all.

And she has plenty more tips for entrepreneurs to get turn their ideas into action.

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