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Nicolle Wallace Blasts Former ‘View’ Co-Hosts Over Carly Fiorina Jokes: Not ‘At Their Best’

”Their sweet spot is when the jokes are on the men,“ former ABC talk show co-host says about former colleagues

Former “The View” co-host Nicolle Wallace chimed in on her former colleagues’ controversial comments about Carly Fiorina’s “demented” face, concluding it wasn’t the women’s best moment.

“I don’t think anyone wants to see women do a takedown of other women,” Wallace said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday. “To me this isn’t these women at their best,” she concluded.

Wallace said that the women of “The View” find their sweet spot “when the jokes are on the men.”

Joe Scarborough said the way the women of the ABC morning show treated Fiorina was “abhorrent and disgusting,” claiming they’d never treat Democratic women the same way.

On Friday, Fiorina and the “View” co-hosts squared off over their comments as well as issues like abortion, including a widely discredited video that conservatives suggested showed Planned Parenthood employees trying to harvest baby parts.

“Here’s the problem, though. The prescriptions that you’ve laid out aren’t helping women,” Fiorina said. “Whether you’re pro-choice or pro-life, the majority of Americans are horrified that we’re harvesting baby parts through late-term abortions.”

“You know that’s not true,” Whoopi Golberg said. “Carly, you know no one’s harvesting baby parts. Come on, girl.”

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