To Nikki Finke: Come Speak at TheGrill

People will say you won’t come. But I know you better. Come on stage and offer the industry some unvarnished truth

Dear Nikki,

We have known each other for a very long time, much longer as friends than as enemies.

With a view to that relationship I would like to invite you to be a keynote speaker at our upcoming entertainment leadership conference, TheGrill.

The conference will foster high-level, healthy debate around the changes buffeting the entertainment industry – for leaders, deciders, and disrupters.

The theme: “Content, Interrupted.”

Without question you are part of those changes, a disrupter of the entertainment news order. As such, your voice should be part of this conversation.

Very little escapes your notice, so I imagine you already know that many of the industry’s most prominent figures on the landscape of change are part of the line-up: Ryan Kavanaugh of Relativity, Ted Sarandos of Netflix, Harvey Levin of TMZ.

Other voices of experience and leadership are also joining: Howard Schultz of Starbucks, Jon Miller of NewsCorp,  Warren Lieberfarb and many others.

People will say that you would never dare come. They say you never leave your house. We both know that’s pure nonsense.

It’s true, we have had our differences.

But I say we set all that aside for the greater good of the entertainment community which we both serve. In an open forum, let’s take on the issues that are confronting the industry and talk about them candidly.

Few people know the industry better than you, and no one I know speaks their mind  as directly as you do.

I’m betting that we can lay down arms at least for a day and a half and offer some unvarnished truth to an industry that is in need of insight.

I hope you’ll join us,  let me know. I’ll bring your mother’s chairs.