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New Comedy Central Host Nikki Glaser Talks Amy Schumer, Reddit Sexism

”Not Safe“ host tells TheWrap she had to stop reading message boards blasting her and friend Amy Schumer

Nikki Glaser likes sex, and with tonight’s Comedy Central premiere of “Not Safe,” you’re about to hear all about it.

What she doesn’t like is sexism, something the stand-up comedian only recently began to experience in Hollywood. Or, really, her recognition of misogyny stems almost exclusively on Internet message board Reddit.

“Up until recently, I’ve said, ‘I don’t notice the sexism in the industry,'” Glaser told TheWrap. “Every time I read Reddit, I’m realizing how bad it is and how angry men are [toward] women.”

Glaser said she hadn’t experienced such a thing until she and fellow comic Amy Schumer became a little famous (both for their work on Schumer’s Comedy Central hit “Inside Amy Schumer“). Suddenly, the online community became dangerous territory for them to chart at their own risk. Now she won’t even read the stuff, and admitted she probably isn’t even going to thumb through this interview post.

“It’s just like, you don’t fucking get it! It’s such a double standard,” Glaser said of nasty comments she reads towards female comics, primarily Schumer, on websites like YouTube. “When someone’s famous, boy, do people feel the right to be just so fucking cruel.”

In the online world of trolls, it probably doesn’t help that Glaser is basically Schumer’s sex material squared. The self-proclaimed “pervert” talks a lot about the taboo topic, on stage, and on phone interviews.

That doesn’t often play among anonymous web-based commenters who may or may not live in mom’s basement. “Yeah, I talk a lot about sex, but it’s what I’m interested in,” she said.

That’s why “Not Safe With Nikki Glaser” goes “there,” almost exclusively. Still, setting those amateur criticisms aside, the sensitive Glaser seems surprisingly fine with being labeled a “sex comic,” even though she knows that is a pretty narrow typecasting of her point of view.

“As a female comic, if you talk about sex in any capacity, you will be branded a ‘sex comic,’ so I might as well go full force on it,” she told us. “And my act will evolve through time.”

For now, that act is very sex-centric. It works well for the attractive 31-year-old, but it won’t last forever, and Glaser knows it.

“I know that the show will disappear at some point, because I will age,” she said. “Things end in this business. Shows get canceled, or you walk away from them — but most likely things get canceled.”

Glaser has given plenty of thought to not getting canceled, something she experienced after two seasons of MTV’s “Nikki & Sara Live.” She’s has also been agonizing over how to hang on to viewers of Daniel Tosh’s “Tosh.0,” which airs before her show and skews quite male.

Either way, Glaser may actually be thinking too hard about all this stuff. After all, as friend and “Chappelle’s Show” co-creator Neal Brennan advised her: “What is all comes down to is, do they want to look at your head?”

It seems like people don’t mind looking at Glaser’s head. She’s has been a fan favorite on both “Inside Amy Schumer” and Chris Hardwick’s “@midnight.” We’ll find out tonight exactly how stare-able Glaser’s head is — hopefully 22 minutes’ worth.

“Not Safe With Nikki Glaser” debuts tonight, and airs every Tuesday at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central.

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