Megyn Kelly Joins Chorus of Confusion Over Nikki Haley’s 5-Inch ‘Ammunition’ Heels: ‘Doesn’t Make Sense!’ (Video)

“I don’t get it … You could use ’em as a weapon? OK! I’ve seen ‘Single White Female.’ Boom! Into the eye?” Kelly muses

Megyn Kelly has a “Single White Female” theory about Nikki Haley’s “ammunition” 5-inch heels.

The GOP presidential hopeful caused a chorus of confusion on X and elsewhere with her response on Wednesday night to an insult from Republican rival Vivek Ramaswamy. The tech entrepreneur had just uncorked a zinger on the debate stage, calling Haley “Dick Cheney in 3-inch heels” when she responded:

“I’d first like to say, they’re 5-inch heels, and I don’t wear ’em unless you can run in ’em. The second thing I will say is, I wear heels, they’re not for a fashion statement, they’re for ammunition.”

The former South Carolina governor doubled down on the retort, posting it on X – which did little to clear up what she meant, exactly.

The X post caused a flurry of confusion, speculation and mockery – but didn’t produce much in the way of viable explanations for how heels can be ammo.

Kelly and her “Megyn Kelly” podcast hosts batted the mystery around a bit on Thursday, and even their best guesses didn’t quite land – but hey, they tried.

“She’s gonna start sending all of the heels to Zelensky,” said guest Emily Jashinsky, editor of The Federalist.

“I don’t get it,” Kelly said.

Former Vice correspondent Michael Moynihan didn’t, either: “What does that even mean?

“I don’t get it!” Kelly repeated. “Maybe … they’re a weapon? You could use ’em as a weapon? OK! I’ve seen ‘Single White Female.’ Boom! Into the eye? It didn’t land for me. It doesn’t make any sense.”

It still doesn’t – but you can watch the entire exchange in the video above – or the “Death by Stilletto” scene below.


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