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Nine Media Questions That Will (Hopefully) Be Answered in 2010

“Will Apple’s tablet revolutionize the media industry?” plus 8 others

1. Will Apple’s forthcoming tablet revolutionize the media industry the way the iPod revolutionized music?

2. Will the Comcast-NBCU merger be approved? And will NBC executives, including Jeff Zucker, keep their jobs?

3. What will become of paid content? Will Rupert Murdoch make good on his plan to put News Corp. content behind a pay wall? What will the New York Times approach be? And will Journalism Online’s rollout have an impact?

4. Will Stern stay with Sirius?

5. Will Time Warner spin off Time Inc., too? (Related: Will Entertainment Weekly survive?)

6. Will Playboy find a buyer? Can it survive without one?

7. Will daytime television find a replacement for Oprah? (Related: Will Tiger Woods choose Oprah to kick off his public rehabilitation tour?)

8. Will Hulu stay free?

9. Will NBC pull the plug on the Jay Leno experiment?