‘No More Special Prosecutors!’ Geraldo Rivera Calls for a Legal Cease-Fire on ‘Cuomo’

“There has never been a special prosecutor,” Rivera says, “that did not become ultimately self-serving”

Geraldo Rivera says it’s time to make “special prosecutor” a job title of the past in a sweeping legal and political movement that can only be described as “The Geraldo Reform.”

Rivera was on his old pal Chris Cuomo’s NewsNation show on Thursday night, with host and guest commiserating over the super-boom of federal and congressional political investigations.

“I think that one thing you can do right now – here is The Geraldo Reform,” Rivera said. “No more special prosecutors! There’s never been a special prosecutor that did not become ultimately self-serving.”

The first special prosecutor was appointed in 1875 by Ulysses Grant — and that didn’t end well, with the president and former Civil War general firing him – but the tradition of hiring “independent” counsel to investigate shenanigans has prevailed across administrations. Rivera suggested that the broadening infrastructure of employees for modern investigative teams will naturally look for ways to justify their existence.

“They get their staff, so they bring in all of their cronies,” Rivera said. “The staff comes in. Now they have a vested interest in keeping their job.”

Exhibit A, Rivera said, would be the Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election – aka the Mueller Report.

“Look at the Mueller commission,” Rivera said. “Why did that thing go on and on and on? And it misled people. It let people believe that Trump was, you know, speaking Russian in secret bathroom conversations. It was absurd how far down that road they took the nation for two-and-a-half years. Why?”

Because – have you seen the rents in D.C.?

“I think half of the reason is that – it was their job,” Rivera confirmed. “They had a great job and a great gig. They they could put it in moral language, flowery – ‘I’m doing the right thing and it’s going to save the nation’ and then and you know what? WHAT? What was that thing for three years?”

Watch the entire exchange in the video above.