No Name, But NBC U-Comcast Already Has A Website

It’s one stop shopping for all things Comuversal.

Last Updated: December 3, 2009 @ 12:50 PM

The Comcast-NBC U venture might not have a fun new name yet– but it does have its very own website.

Comcast and GE today launched the poetically named, a website devoted to all things merger. It’s not fancy, and seems mostly designed for the press and many some financial folks– but it’s packed with charts, info and contact information.

We’re particularly fond of this investor presentation filled with numerous slides touting the Comcastic power of the combined venture. The pitch even includes some love for broadcast TV. One graphic notes that one ad on an episode of "The Office" reached as many eyeballs as nine spots on cable (including networks such as NBC U-owned Syfy and Bravo). Clearly, somebody forgot to run that chart by Bonnie Hammer.

On the film front, NBCUTransaction also notes the power of Universal Studios’ "strong franchises," which the site lists as "Bourne," "Fast and Furious" and "Meet the Parents."

While there’s already a joint website for the new venture, it’s interesting to note how Comcast and NBC are treating the merger on their established websites.

Comcast has links to the NBCUTransaction site above on its main website,, which is used by both consumers and media types to get information about the company.

NBC, however, has no mention of the merger on either its public or corporate sites– though there is a link to the merger press release on NBC’s media site. Parent GE also has a pretty elaborate microsite devoted to the merger. It includes the video below featuring Jeff Immelt and Jeff Zucker touting the awesome nature of the deal.