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No Nikki Finke Photo From The Daily ...Yet

In a Hollywood standoff with Deadline founder, Richard Johnson is keeping his mouth shut for the moment

“I really can’t say anything."

Richard Johnson has probably heard hundreds of celebs and socialites say this to him when he ran Page Six for the New York Post but now the suave hunter has become the hunted. 

The entertainment editor of The Daily told TheWrap on Wednesday he couldn't comment on Nikki Finke and the missing photograph.

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Rupert Murdoch’s recently launched iPad publication snapped a photograph of the elusive Tinseltown blogger and was all set to publish last week.

However, as TheWrap reported, the very private  Finke (pictured in her college days) wasn’t about to give the world a glimpse of her without a fight.

That fight, with calls from lawyers and a search for verification, has now turned into a digital standoff.

TheWrap called Johnson who was polite, but wouldn't say much. We noted he was being elusive.

“Not as elusive as Nikki Finke,” he said.

So far there's no clear sign if The Daily’s pic of the Deadline founder will ever be seen.