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No, Really: PTC Wants Fox to Deny Stern/’Idol’ Rumor

Now the Parents Television Jihadists want to control who networks even consider for shows

The Parents Television Jihad, er, Council is demanding Fox deny something that hasn’t even happened yet.

In a press release apparently sent only to select media outlets, the PTC fearmongers Wednesday insisted the network squash the stupid rumor that Howard Stern is under consideration to replace Simon Cowell on "American Idol."

The PTC’s action comes a day after TV MoJoe suggested that Fox do exactly that . We said it was a "toxic" situation that needed to be rectified, despite the network’s understandable desire to not begin confirming or denying every dumb-ass rumor out there.

Winter went a step further.

“Given ‘American Idol’s’ extreme popularity with family audiences, I hope that Fox will put the rumors to rest and announce that it has no intention of adding to the show one of the most profane, sexually-explicit and anti-family performers in the history of the broadcast medium – either as a guest or as a judge,” PTC President Tim Winter said.

Winter and the PTC then say Stern on "Idol" would be the death of the show.

For a change, Winter is absolutely correct in his assesment of…well, anything. Stern on "Idol" would be a disaster.

But even for the PTC, this release represents a new low-point in cynicsm. It’s further proof that the PTC exists only to stir up fear — and thus drive up donations from scared parents.

Unless Winter is utterly clueless — and he’s not — he knows the Stern on "Idol" notion is b.s. There’s been no credible evidence to suggest there’s anything to it.

And yet, here’s the PTC, looking for yet another chance to get its supporters riled up — and reaching for their wallets.

Worse, even if Fox were mulling the idea of putting Stern on "Idol," it’s ludicruous for the PTC to demand the right to pre-approve Fox’s candidates for a job.

Winter has many forums in which he could simply express his disgust for the notion of Stern on "Idol"; that’s sort of what we did here in this space Tuesday. But a non-profit group putting out an official statement is a whole other matter.

Some might say the PTC’s actions are silly. We’d say they’re pretty scary.