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No, Snapple Didn’t Call Out Trump’s Election Loss in a ‘Snapple Fact’ on Lid

A photo of an apparent ”Snapple Fact“ that has gone viral is in fact, fake

The Internet can be exceedingly convincing sometimes, and on Monday, it got some people pretty good with an image that seemed to show Snapple calling out Donald Trump. In reality, they did not.

On Sunday, a Twitter user named Alex Cole posted a photo of what was apparently his Snapple lid, showing off the brands signature “Snapple Facts.” Only this time, the fact was more political than normal, seemingly making a direct swipe at the former president.

“Even Snapple is tired of the bulls—” Cole tweeted.

The photo quickly made the rounds, with people praising the move, writing things like “Bravo” and “Well done.” One person even noted that the words were definitive proof for anyone who still doubted the election results. “They’re called ‘Snapple Facts’ NOT ‘Snapple Feelings,'” she wrote.

And yes, that person is correct. There is no evidence that the election results were doctored or tampered with in any meaningful way.

Even Devon Sawa, everyone’s childhood crush who played the human version of Casper in “Casper,” posted the photo, though he did not offer his own commentary on it.

That said, for all the praise and even some backlash that Snapple is now receiving on Twitter, there’s actually nothing to it. TheWrap has confirmed that the image is indeed fake, and Snapple had no further comment.

You can check out some of the joyous reactions from people who hoped it was, below.