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No, Steve Martin Didn’t Say the F-Word on ‘SNL’ (Video)

But we get why you thought so

When Steve Martin appeared during the cold open of “SNL” in-character as recently-arrested former Trump adviser Roger Stone, he told a joke that a lot of people thought included the f-word. But, while he said a f-word, we regret to inform you he didn’t say the f-word.

During the bit, Martin-as-Stone was asked by Tucker Carlson, played by “SNL” cast member Alex Moffat, how he is going to handle his legal fees. Said Martin’s Roger Stone: “I set up a donation page based on a phrase people everywhere have been yelling at me: ‘Hey Roger, go fund yourself.'”

We listened to it four times in a row to be sure. Martin definitely leaned in hard on the “und” part of the word, but it ends with a clear “D” sound. Basically the joke is that Roger Stone is either too dumb, or deliberately pretending not to understand that people are shouting “go f— yourself” at him.

But don’t take our word for it. The moment in question happens roughly 6 minutes and 10 seconds in. Watch it above.

Martin’s appearance as Stone made up for the absence of Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of Donald Trump from the cold open. The sketch also saw “SNL” cast member Cecily Strong bring back her impression of “Judge” Jeanine Pirro, and Kate McKinnon pop up as Wilbur Ross.

Martin’s appearance was a surprise, with the sketch going on for five minutes before he appeared.