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No, Trump Didn’t Demand the Gorilla Channel Play on White House TVs

Fake excerpt from Michael Wolff’s tell-all “Fire and Fury” has some people fooled, others rolling with laughter

A lot of people may think President Trump is a blockhead, but when it comes to a tweet that went viral over the past 24 hours, it was a group of his detractors who were fooled.

On Thursday, the author of the Twitter handle @pixelatedboat posted a parody excerpt from Michael Wolff’s tell-all book about the Trump White House, “Fire and Fury.” Any longtime follower of the account would have recognized the image of faux book text — which had Trump demanding to watch “the gorilla channel” on his TV — as completely fake (and likely humorous).

But some people who came across the tweet, which has now been shared and liked thousands of times, thought it was legit.

At one point @pixelatedboat changed its display text to make it extra clear to those fooled by the fake excerpt that it was, indeed, not real:

People are having a good laugh about it:

Even the Animal Planet network couldn’t help from chiming in:

And, as one user pointed out, the parody does mirror a real, on-the-record account of Trump’s TV viewing preferences:

Of course, some were upset by the faux excerpt:

And although one person summed it up nicely…

…by end of day, a whole lot of people still had The Gorilla Channel on their Wish List.