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James Corden and ‘Stupid Hot’ Noah Centineo Fall for Each Other in ‘To All the Guests I’ve Loved Before’ (Video)

Until Noah finds out the late-night host wrote a letter to every Chris in Hollywood, that is …

Watch out, Lara Jean Covey, James Corden is coming for your man. Well, he at least wants him in a guest way.

Noah Centineo — who plays the adorable the adorable teen heartthrob Peter Kavinsky opposite Lana Condor in Netflix’s “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” — stopped by the “Late Late Show” Thursday night, which meant that, of course, Corden had to get him to join in a parody of the flick that has captured social media’s heart.

The two spoofed the streamer’s extremely popular high school rom com in their own take, “To All the Guests I’ve Loved Before.” The bit kicks off the same way the movie does, with Noah discovering a letter James wrote about how much he wants him — as a guest.

“Noah Centineo, you’re so hot,” Centineo say, as he reads Corden’s letter back to him. “Like, stupid hot. Hot in a way where you don’t even know it, but you like totally know it. Sometimes I fantasize about having you as a guest on the show. I mean, the things I’d say to you if I ever got you on my couch…”

Wait, Noah was never supposed to see that! It’s OK, James. He liked it, and he’s willing to try out this whole guest star thing.

The two fall in love (as guest and host) and spend all their time together, until Noah decides that maybe he could be James’ guest, “like, officially.”

But there is trouble in paradise when Corden sees Centineo was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and then Noah finds letters James wrote to Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, Halsey, Chris Pratt, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth — what, did he write a letter to every Chris in Hollywood?!?

So will he still be his guest? Watch Corden’s big romantic gesture above to find out.