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North Korea to Charge $10,000 Visa Fee for Each Foreign Reporter at Nuclear Site Dismantlement (Report)

CNN, ABC and the Associated Press were among the media outlets invited to cover the Punggye-ri dismantling, according to the Korea Times

North Korea may be set to dismantle their nuclear test site at Punggye-ri, but covering the event for foreign journalists won't be cheap.

The country is looking to charge $10,000 per reporter for international media companies looking to send journalists to the event, the Korea Times reported Monday. The only exception to this rule will be reporters from neighboring South Korea.

CNN, ABC and the Associated Press were among the organizations invited to the site according to the report.

The deal to dismantle Punggye-ri comes as a trust-building effort by North Korea after months of bombastic threats between it and the United States.

During one particularly testy moment, President Trump vowed to reign "fire and fury" on the country last summer and there were even reports of a possible first strike. For his part, Kim Jung Un warned that he had a nuclear button on his desk and called Trump a "dotard."

But things have cooled off considerably since then. In addition to Punggye-ri, Kim Jong Un also released three Americans being held in the country, who returned to great fanfare earlier this month.

In June, both Trump and Kim will meet in Singapore for a historic summit aimed at achieving a final denuclearization of the peninsula.