Now Leno’s Got a New Logo, Too

Sidekick shuffle and announcer departure aren’t the only changes at Team Jay. Is NBC trying to cut costs?

Last Updated: February 16, 2010 @ 6:03 PM

Jay Leno’s got a new logo.

Rather than bring back the logo used during Leno’s first run as host of "The Tonight Show," NBC has opted to introduce a new design. It was previewed this afternoon — ironically on, a website which lives on even though Leno’s primetime series is now history.

A backstage blogger who writes for Leno’s website also said work continues on a revamp of Leno’s once and future "Tonight Show" set in Burbank.

These changes, of course, are small in comparison to the other shifts underway at the Tonight 2.0. As previously reported, Kevin Eubanks is mulling a departure from Team Leno. And Variety today said that John Melendez will be gone as announcer.

Wonder if NBC is trying to cut the budget for "Tonight" in order to make up for all the coin it’s now paying out to O’Brien via his severance package? Or are Leno and executive producer Debbie Vickers simply trying to freshen up Leno’s act and put some distance between Jay and his primetime "experiment"?