NSYNC’s First New Song in Decades Is in ‘Trolls Band Together’ – Watch the New Trailer (Video)

The ringing in your ears was caused by everyone screaming in joy

Well, the NSYNC reunion at the VMAs on Tuesday wasn’t just a one-time thing — turns the group have recorded their first new song since effectively saying bye bye bye to each other back in 2002 — and you’ll be able to see it in “Trolls Band Together” later this fall.

Get your first glimpse now in the new trailer at the top of the page right now.

Don’t worry, they’re not actually gonna make you wait that long. The group —  Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass — will be releasing “Better Place” as a single on Sept. 29. Dare we hope they recorded more than one track for the film? Dare we dream they’ll reunite for a real concert for the first time since the Celebrity tour ended in April, 2003?

Meanwhile the plot of “Trolls Band Together” also happens to be the perfect excuse for NSYNC to, well, band together. It turns out that Branch (Justin Timberlake) was, a long time ago, in a boy band with his brothers called BroZone. The band broke up when he was still a kid and with it, so did the family. But when one of his brothers is kidnapped, the other brothers come together to save him.

Oh, it also turns out Poppy (Anna Kendrick) also has a long lost sister of her own. Look, we’re getting emotional just writing about it.

Coming to theaters Nov. 17, “Trolls Band Together” also stars Camila Cabello Eric André Troye Sivan Kid Cudi Daveed Diggs RuPaul Amy Schumer Andrew Rannells and Zosia Mamet. It’s directed by Walt Dohrn.